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Fifty Shades of Grey Ladies Night

What do you get when you cross a ladies-night-in with Fifty Shades of Grey? The hottest book conversation ever!

This event was so much fun to organize, as it gave me an incentive to finish book 3 of the Grey trilogy in order to get into the theme properly. The evening consisted of lots of laughter, flirting and…:

  • Being served GREYhound cocktail shots by our very own Mr Grey (topless) waiter
  • Lots of heated debates about the books and who we think should play Mr Grey in the movie
  • Signing THE CONTRACT before dinner could commence
  • Sampling various delicious kinky dishes (from the potluck buffet)
  • Background music from the Grey soundtrack
  • Champagne, prosecco and wine galore
  • Posing for photos with Mr Grey (but obeying him, when he said we could not touch him!)

Each guest was asked to provide a “Kinky Dish” for the potluck buffet and had to make up with a GREY-related name for their dish. This is what we came up with:

  • SUBmissive sandwiches
  • THAI-me-up vegetarian curry
  • BowTIED-UP pasta salad
  • Ana’s CHERRY cookies (recipe:
  • BENWA Cake pop BALLS
  • “VANILLA never tasted so good” GREY cupcakes
  • Chocolate cheeky fingers
  • WHIPped cream
  • Forbidden fruits
  • FETISH chocolate fondue
  • S&M’s (=Skittles and M&M selection)
  • RED ROOM liquorice WHIPS

A special Thank You goes out to Karen Baker, who kindly captured the essence of this event on camera for me. THANK YOU KAREN!
More of her photos can be found on my Perfect Packages Facebook page:

One Night with Mr Grey

One Night with Mr Grey

One Night with Mr Grey

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